Agrifood Atlas 2017

02. Oktober 2017 | Landwirtschaft, Massentierhaltung, Umweltgifte


Takeovers and mergers like Monsanto by Bayer, Kraft with Heinz and Dow with DuPont are just the tip of the iceberg. A spate of corporate marriages in the agrifood sector is concentrating control at each link in the value chain, from field to fork. The biggest players are growing the fastest and are pushing through their own interests and approaches.

At the same time, across the globe, inequality is increasing. The gap of shares of revenues between the agricultural, food and trade corporations on the one hand, and farmers and farm workers on the other becomes ever wider.

A growing number of people are organizing themselves and are changing their buying habits to recreate diversity in the value chain. But that is not enough to end hunger and poverty or to protect the environment.

The contributions to this publication show: It is high time for a socially and politically oriented regulation of the agrifood industry.

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